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Each day we look for techniques to help us de-stress, boost our immune system and increase our energy levels.  Over my years of practice I have found that holistic health is a fine tuned balance per individual.  The special combination needed per person covers the broad spectrum of that person's mind, body, and spirit.  Utilizing unique styles of bodywork I have gotten great results.  I have realized the enormus value of herbs/supplements used in conjunction with specific types body work.  This pairing of knowledge I share with my clients provides a more well rounded holistic approach to their treatment. Results seem to come quicker and remain much longer.  The revamped approach I use is a unique combination of relaxation, revitalization and assistance in renewal of self.  Cypress Moon is excited to include this new addition to it's services.  Enchancing the theme of wellness and detoxification.  I am proud to offer products which promote relaxation, detoxification as well as the possible side effecfts of weight loss.  Utiliziing the supplements which are right for you and a consistent massage regime you will see and feel results in your body, mind, spirit as a whole.  Learn to listen to your body.  Learn to nurture yourself again on all levels.  I look forward to helping you work toward your goals in health.


There are two lines of products that I offer to support us in our daily lives. Below you will find links in blue which will provide both in depth product and ordering information.  For further assistance on any of these matters please contact me at 215-820-6463 or



 Nature's Sunshine

The main products I work with are Nature's Sunshine brand.  They have everything from immune support to weight loss.  Their products consist of the highest grades of herbs and nutriceuticals.  My family and I use the products on a daily basis enhancing our well being. Below you will find more specfic links to the products you may have interest in:

Stress Management

Stress management supplements can help you avoid adverse health effects caused by stress. A survey conducted by the American Psychological Association (APA) found that Americans often resort to unhealthy behaviors to help deal with stress. The survey results agree with research that shows 43 percent of adults suffer adverse health effects because of stress.


Energy and Fitness Supplements

With Nature's Sunshine fitness and energy supplements you can keep your energy levels high and recharge after exercise.


Joints and Structural

Promote joint health and structural system function with this NS line.


Weight Management

From healthy on the go meal replacement to metabolism boosting herbals, allow us to assist in your weight loss goals and much more.


Natural Body Cleanses

A natural body cleanse or detox helps to revitalize the digestive system to improve your health and every level. Find a healthy start to feeling good with a natural body cleanse and detox today!


 Silver Sheild

The body is constantly bombarded with invasive bacteria and viruses that weaken the immune system. Finding ways to boost your immune system can make all the difference in your overall health. The colloidal silver benefits found in Silver Sheild help arm your system with the strength it needs to fight off harmful invaders.


Body Health Assessment

The New Brilliant Body Health Analysis compares your health concerns with each of your 10 body systems. You will then be shown which of your body systems need the most strengthening, based on your responses, and which Nature's Sunshine products can be used to strengthen these systems.


Product Quality

We're still adamant about offering only the best vitamin products to our customers worldwide. Nature's Sunshine performs over 600 TESTS to ensure product quality.



Whole Wellness Club

Whole Wellness Club offers products mainly focused on body support and detoxification.  I highly recommend Veloci Tea-- It is an extrordinary detoxification and immune suport tea you can drink daily.  It gently assists the body in its daily cleansing regime.


DoTerra Oils


These essential oils are certified therapeutic grade which means they can be ingested as well as applied externally to the body.  I use them during my sessions when it's called for as well as avidly at home to boost mood and even clean my home with eco-friendly cost effective products. If you would like to learn more about how essential oils can assist you in your health goals please visit my oil website.  You can also call for a personalized consultation or to book an in home educational session to experience the oils first hand.






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